LocationNational Bureau of Standards Campus

Washington, DC

Photo credit: Bruce Emmerling on Pixabay

Type of Facility

  • Previously an AWE and DOE site

Covered by EEOICPA

  • Previously covered for Part B for AWE years
  • Previously Part B and Part E for DOE years

EEOICPA Covered Years

  • Previously 1943-1945 (AWE)
  • Previously 1959 (DOE)

Years of Operation

  • 1940s-1953 for nuclear weapons research and development

Contract Numbers

  • EA-77-A-01-6010-035
  • EA-77-A-01-6010-024 
  • AT01-77ET10694
  • AT01-77CS40119
  • AI05-86ER60390
  • AC05-84OR21400
  • AC04-76DP03533





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